Back After A Long Hiatus!

I realized I haven’t updated my blog in almost a year! Even though its frigid outside here in NJ I think it’s about time I do a little spring cleaning!

Today I am excited to share that I have two articles posted and currently available on the awesome Elephant Journal website! If you like to be fed spiritually as well as intellectually they have what you need and then some.
A while back I wrote an article about finding my inner guru. Live.Breathe.Grow was kind enough to let me share it and it is now published on Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post! It was a wonderful journey and I am so honored to be able to share it with others!

My most current adventure is a closer relationship with my body. I have struggled with body issues all my life and recently opened up about them in my latest EJ article. Start A Revolution: Start Loving Your Body. I was in awe of the responses the article has gotten. For what was a very personal article and painful experience, to share it with others and have them relate and feel empowered is just incredible! May all women at least once in their lives love the skin they are in! Do me a favor, next time you look in the mirror force yourself to smile and find something about you that you love. It’s a challenge but one worth fighting for.


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